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Nebraska Furniture Mart | November 20, 2018

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Inspiration Showcase: Fan Cave

Megan Beeler

If you go to the NFM in Omaha at any given time from now until the end of September, you’re likely to spot a handful of men stopped dead in their tracks at the sight of this space. What we have created here is the ultimate Tailgate Fan Cave that any generation will love and appreciate. This versatile design is perfect for any garage or basement space. Here are what I think to be the top five most important items to create an amazing fan cave experience.

  1. Seating – Typically, a classic recliner would excite any guy. Just thinking of having a chair that they can call their own and kick up their feet to watch their favorite team is ideal. Keep in mind that if you want to entertain or have friends over, something like a futon or leather sofa is a versatile option that offers more seating. Or, if you have the space… get both!
  2.  Fridge – One of the bonuses to having a Fan Cave is it provides everything you need in that room to watch the game.  And what’s an imperative item for watching any sporting event? Refreshments! So, whether it is a fridge on wheels for the garage or a keg cooler, make sure that you have something to keep the food and drinks cold.
  3. Halftime Entertainment – Instead of just watching the commercials and recaps at halftime, why not play some fun games and activities with friends and family? If you have the space, classics like a pool table or ping pong table are sure to entertain for hours.  If you’re working with a smaller area, foosball and darts might be a better fit and just as much fun.
  4. Television – This is another item that depends on the space you are working with. If you have a large space, you could even look at using a projector to show the game.  Nebraska Furniture Mart has TVs of every size that will fit perfectly in any room.
  5. Décor – This may sound like a very ‘frilly’ word, but in all reality what is a Fan Cave without some great fan memorabilia? You can adorn the walls with your favorite team’s colors as well as a few funny signs or posters to help create the perfect space for entertaining.

Start your football season off right with Nebraska Furniture Mart. We have a passionate staff that will help you design your ultimate Fan Cave and the perfect products to pull it all together.


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