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Nebraska Furniture Mart | January 20, 2019

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Chocolate Cake Mix + Coca Cola = Yummy

Refreshing, delicious and an American classic are all words that describe Coca-Cola, but did you know it is an easy substitute for ingredients in a boxed cake mix? That’s right folks, forget the eggs, oil and water and just grab a 12 oz. of Coca-Cola. Boxed cake mix couldn’t get any easier, and of course it’s yummy! The great part is, if you are looking to cut back the calories, substitute with a diet Coca-Cola for all the flavor but less calories so that extra slice doesn’t come with the guilt. Here are our recommendations:

Classic Coca Cola or Diet Coke + Chocolate, Spice or Devil’s Food = Delicious

The darker cakes will get a caramel punch of flavor from the Coke. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, pop in a Cherry Coke for a bonus!

Sprite + French Vanilla = Scrumptious

Sprite will be your go to can to eliminate turning your white cakes a darker color.

Better yet, be spontaneous and try your own recipe! And don’t forget to share with us below in the comments section what flavors you’ve mixed together. Happy Baking!

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