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Nebraska Furniture Mart | January 20, 2019

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Stand Mixer Buying Guide

Stand Mixer Buying Guide

The list of things that a stand mixer can’t do for your kitchen is much shorter than the incredible list of things that one can do for your kitchen. It’s one of the most versatile small appliances that you’ll every buy. Stand mixers have dozens of colors available to match your kitchen’s décor. Whether you are bright and vibrant or toned down and sophisticated, you’ll have several options that will match your personality.

The motor, along with the accessory beaters, can be found directly above the mixing bowl and features an easy-moving hinge. The motor is much larger than that of a hand mixer and has multiple speed options. Stand Mixers use a dishwasher-safe glass or stainless steel bowl to hold all of the ingredients. Glass bowls generally have indicators for quick ingredient measurements. Stainless steel bowls are much sturdier and don’t have the risk of breaking.

Stand Mixer Accessories

There are a variety of mixer accessories  out there. Everything from meat grinders and cheese slicers to ice-cream makers and pasta rollers can be attached to your stand mixer.  The most frequently used accessories are whips, beaters, and hooks.

Whips work great with creams and frostings by incorporating air into the mix quickly.

Use a beater for a multitude of applications, this one is very versatile and is a combination of a whip and a hook.

A hook is designed to replace hand-kneading of dough.

What’s your favorite way to use a stand mixer?  Have you mastered the casual art of scrambling some eggs and walking away in slow-motion?  Or do you prefer to hover around the action? Tell us in the comments section below!

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