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Nebraska Furniture Mart | December 13, 2018

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Inspiration Showcase: Back To School

Inspiration Showcase: Back To School
Megan Beeler

Having style and efficiency, both are must-haves for college life.

When you buy furniture for any small living space, there are some key things to keep in mind. Looking for pieces that are compact, mobile, and multifunctional is essential. An ottoman with storage can double as a place to store books or other school supplies. Whether it is simply moving a dresser into a closet or buying a piece of furniture with dual purposes, dorm life is all about finding the best functional way of living. So make sure to try new layouts until you find something that works for you.

Go bold and be bright. This is your space and time to shine. In our fabulous inspirational showcase we chose to go simple with the large pieces of furniture but filled it in with plenty of vivid pops of color in the dรฉcor. Combine contrasting colors to put personality into your space with trendy patterns that help create enthusiasm and inspire creativity.


The first few years of college typically comes with finding out who you really are and being independent. For a chance to win a free Big Tree Wood Full-Size Portman Futon in Rich Espresso, leave a comment below describing one of your favorite memories from college or something you are looking forward to as you head into your first few years of college. The winner will be announced August 20th.

Make sure to see or visit some of our other back-to-school blog posts for tips on getting ready and print our amazing checklist of must-haves you will need as youโ€™re preparing for the year ahead.



  1. Melisa Jaimes

    the first year is the best that ea when you meet your friends for a lifetime

  2. Jenn

    My favorite college memory was graduation! I worked long and hard to get there, and to see a goal realized was amazing!

  3. Kayla Windler

    My favorite college memory was meeting my husband outside my very first college class. His pick-up line, “You have any lotion?”. And that was the start of our love story!

  4. ignacio jaimea

    Spent many nights studying with who would be my future wife. Cannot trade those memories for anything. Thanks for the opportunity to win great its from a great store ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Jillian Dean

    I look forward to continuing my nursing education and one day being an active member of the community by helping people. My hope is to make the world a little healthy and happier one person at a time.

  6. lori clark

    My son will be going to college next year and he is looking forward to learning more so he can get a good job. He wants to be a writer!

  7. never mind back to school stuff how about any where furniture, this looks great, to sit in a home.

  8. Anne hill

    I remember getting my first apartment and the first futon I had. It was great. I always had lower back pains then after I started sleeping on my futon everything changed and I felt great. Thanks for the chance to win.

  9. lisa mcfarland

    going thru sorority rush and making lifelong sisters and friends who i still keep up with

  10. Tim King-Kehl

    One of the things I’m really looking forward to with starting college is being on my own for the first time, getting to experience sime things in a different light.

  11. maria

    A comfortable futon to sleep

  12. Melissa Mazzur

    Looking forward to meetin new friends!

  13. Reggie Lim

    Tailgating at football games

  14. So hard to pick a memory from college! Hanging out with friends in the dorms, sledding on dining hall trays, playing soccer, late night study sessions…college is an awesome time and I miss it! My sister is headed off to college and this would be awesome for her!

  15. Donna N.

    I have a son who is entering into his junior year of college and this would be great for him! He is looking forward to finally getting into his major of Mechanical Engineering. I have no idea about any of that stuff haha. But I know he enjoys it, and he can’t wait to be back to school!

  16. Kristine E.

    My favorite college memory was graduation and looking back upon all of my accomplishments.

  17. Kayla Windler

    My favorite college memory is meeting my husband outside my very first college class. His pick-up line? “Do you have any lotion?” And that was the start of our beautiful love story!

  18. Masooma

    My favorite college memory is hanging out in the lab with my friends and trying to figure out how to quickly finish our experiments so we can leave early lol!!

  19. Erin Mullins

    My favorite college memory is tailgating for football games. The sheer number of people running around in orange and blue screaming go gators makes you swell with school pride. Can’t wait for football season!

  20. Kristen

    I would love to win this couch it would look great in my apartment! I hope to be going to my first year of college this fall and it would give me something great to come home to

  21. I look forward to stretching the brain muscles and learning again!

  22. My favorite college memory was meeting the love of my life and not letting that keep me from getting my degree! ๐Ÿ™‚
    I had my first born child during my sophomore year and although I lost my scholarship due to being excessively absent at first… I still managed to come back and WIN!!!! I got that degree and made her proud! ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. mackenzie parsons

    My favorite memory from college was with my best friend when i went to upike i dont exactly have one specific memory but that whole semester was unforgetable

  24. karen walker

    The best memory was that I was on my own and learing how to become an adult.

  25. Doreen C

    My fondest Memory has yet to come. I put of college because I was a single Mom. Now I’m going back to school and my fondest memory will be graduating. It’s 15 years in the making. For those who say it’s too late. It’s NEVER to late to change you life.

  26. Miss those days!! Staying up all night studying ! Great friends ! The feeling when we graduated !!!

  27. Cindy McMinn

    College to me is an opportunity to really do better than high school and prove to myself that I can succeed in what I want to do with my life. Its an important step and I will give it my all.

  28. Rushell Tuggle

    Since I am still in school, I’d have to say the best part is meeting so many different people and making lifelong friends!

  29. Pamela

    College was where I met the best friends I have today, and I’d also the time in my life when I started my family ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. Carrie Naff

    Staying up all night cramming with friends and being so delirious the next day that every single thing you do is hysterical!

  31. nettie

    Best feeling ever walking through the door first day knowing you made it with no support and people telling you, you will never go to college.

  32. Joy

    My favorite memory was getting to wok hands on doing everything we studied on in clinical.

  33. Christina

    The thing I am looking forward to the most is making something of myself for not only me, but for my two sons and my husband. To want the best for my family so I must do my best to make it happen.

  34. Jessica

    My favorite college memory is freshman warmongering to know others and all having the same fears and worries made me feel as though I wasn’t alone

  35. Petya Goranova

    First year, when I met my future husband ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. Danae E

    College was a bunch of long nights up studying but we’ll worth it for a degree and this would look great in a dorm or in the living room or spare room of a house very classy!

  37. Shelby

    Would love to win this, I am moving into my own apt with just me an my son an have no furniture!

  38. Amy Hajek

    My favorite part of college was the great learning experiences, meeting new friends, and the ongoing development of making life better!!

  39. Stephanie

    My favorite college memory is being able to have breakfast with the president of the college the week before graduation. The advice she gave the group was absolutely priceless and very inspiring as we were all getting ready to begin our adult lives in our careers.

  40. Tiffany Aytes

    My fav memory was meeting new people.

  41. Leslie P

    Going through freshman rush and becoming a member of Alpha Chi Omega.

  42. Lisa Hart

    Meeting whole new people and making lifelong friends.

  43. mickie gorrell

    nothing better than having room for plenty of people in a dorm room. some of the best memories are made in small spaces

  44. Marg Z

    Tailgating at football games and meeting new people.

  45. Becky VanGinkel

    One of my favorite college memories is actually coming home on break and seeing all of my high school friends and family! Nothing is better than coming home after being gone for a long period of time ๐Ÿ™‚

  46. Amber

    My favorite memory from college is probably my first night living in my own space with my roommate instead of at home with my parents. We had been best friends since 2nd grade, so we stayed up all night long talking and playing pranks on each other and eating spaghetti-o’s out of the can…ahhh…the good ol’ days.

    • Hi Amber-Thank you for your participation! We’d like to congratulate you because you were our randomly selected winner of the futon! If you could please email us at with your shipping information and phone number we will get it sent out to you. Please respond before 8/31 or we will have to select another winner. Thank you again!

    • Hi Amber! We’d like to congratulate you because you are the winner of the Futon! Thank you for participating. We will be emailing you directly so you can claim your prize.

  47. Grace

    Knowing that I have finally accomplished my goals and have proven everyone wrong who thought I couldn’t do it.

  48. Myesha B.

    Best college memory: The sleepless nights staying up into the whee hours jamming my brain with the knowledge of life! ๐Ÿ™‚ Fingers crossed

  49. amber kolb

    My favorite part of college was graduating! It meant a lot to me because my I put myself through college and got my degree. I didn’t take out any student loans. I am still so proud of myself til this day. I never had much family support so I had to rely on myself. Thanks for the chance to win!

  50. Lisa

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I am getting my son ready for his first year of college. It doesn’t seem that long ago when it was me! I was bursting with excitement to live in a dorm room. I quickly made life-long friends during those years, and the memories I have of those times are priceless!!
    As I have been shopping with my son for all of the “fun” essential for HIS dorm room, I’m taken back to my memories and can’t help but feel those were some of the best times of my life!!!!

  51. Anna k

    I miss being walking distance from so many amazing people.

  52. Shelley Taylor

    I think the best memory for me is graduation. My boss at the time was on the board of trustees when I graduated so he was able to hand my diploma to me and then he dipped me and gave me a big hug and kiss! The murmur that ran through the crowd was hilarious!

  53. bethany

    I never went to a University. But I did a couple years in Junior college. The best times there were spent in the caff talking to my peers about Psychology assignments.

  54. Bernetta

    Some of my best memories are of the comradery and working together as a team to accomplish similar goals

  55. Jennifer Maddox

    I only went to community college 20 years ago. But I’m excited for my step daughter to head off to college and make great memories of her own.

  56. Kimberly R

    Life long friendships.

  57. Kaitlyn

    I am looking forward to finishing nursing, that is what I want more than anything for myself and my kids. Thank you for the chance.

  58. Kristina D.

    Went to college in Florida. I was able to live on the water with a private fishing pier. It was heaven unless there was a bad storm that brought the water over the sea wall.

  59. Becky H

    Meeting new people!

  60. chantal bell

    My favorite memories of college was meeting new people, and as I send my youngest child off to college this year, it brings tears to my eyes, but a smile also knowing she is heading off to the start of the rest of her life

  61. Tina

    Making new friends!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ I love people

  62. Jamie

    Studying and actually doing good on a test.

  63. Shelly Sidhu

    One of my favorite college memories is living with my best girl fiends and being broke so we had to be on the top ramen diet!!!

  64. Shelley Taylor

    When I graduated my boss was on the college’s board of trustees. He was able to hand me my diploma and then dipped me and gave me a big hug and kiss! The murmur that went through the crowd was hilarious!

  65. Kelly K

    memory of college friends, past & present!

  66. Carmen lopez

    I have no memory of college but maybe if I relax on that comfortable looking futon it will all come back to me. ๐Ÿ™‚

  67. Ann O.

    My favorite college memory is when my Mom surprised me with an unannounced visit late one night. Even though I had tried to hide it, she sensed I was terribly homesick. She was right!!

  68. Trina Chadwick

    I found getting my daughter ready for
    College very stressful wish I someone
    Would have told me to not freak out
    If I couldn’t find the perfect everything
    On her list

  69. Linda Eisenhart

    Meeting new friends and making relationships that last a lifetime. Also, meeting my future husband.

  70. Rachel Lawler

    Late night pizza trips, movie nights with friends.

  71. Bailey Campbell

    Having study group with a bunch of my friends

  72. Tiffany S.

    My favorite memory of college was graduation.

  73. Samantha

    My favorite memory of college was graduation! It was very a satisfying moment.

  74. michelle moore

    The best part, to me, was that feeling of idependence you start to feel when you’re away at college! Your whole life changes!

  75. Heather Zug

    Meeting new people and living away from my parents for the first time.

  76. Angela

    All I remember is working and going to school.

  77. Laura Littles

    Going on road trips with my friend Jesse.

  78. Stacey Carter

    I’m looking forward to working hard so I can have a career. I’m very excited

  79. Renita upchurch

    My favorite part of school was one semester I took a ceramics class. It was so much fun. I made a bunch of cool stuff I still have til this day. I met some great people in that class and my teacher was great.

  80. Melissa Grado

    My niece is going off to college, she will be the first in the family to do it. We are very proud of her.

  81. kenyetta kelly

    When I first went to college I was nervous and scared because I didn’t know anyone and wasn’t sure if I was gonna meet new friends or not because I’m a sht person. But it was the best because I met many new friends that are still my close friends.

  82. Wydalia Elliott

    College was great. Making life long friends & those late night study groups were fond memories that I have.

  83. Ann Daniels

    Looking forward to finishing my bachelor degree this fall and winter to graduate in May. Yay. All while doing my clinicals.

  84. Marlee S

    Something I loved about college was the ability to function on very little (or no) sleep.

  85. Candace Galan-Calderon

    I went to college a little later in life…so my favorite part would be graduation!

  86. Jenny Drager

    My favorite memory in college was that I did go to a local college. However, I did a lot of growing up in college after my first year their. I made some friends and found that I was even a better learner than I originally thought, haha. The best memory was receiving my Bachelors Degree in Business. That was quite an accomplishment for me that has even motivated me to now go for my Master’s Degree.

  87. marilyn gray

    I never went “away” to college, but both of my daughters went to a private college 15 hours away. I loved visiting them and getting to stay in the dorms.

  88. kimberly garcia

    I wish I could have gone to college, I would probably not be struggling, furniture is beautiful and it would look perfect in our family room

  89. Kyle Whitfield

    I cant wait to start college so I can experience life. Not only for myself, but my family and fiancรฉ. And this would be an excellent birthday present, seeing as how my birthday is on Aug 19th. Even if I don’t win, thank you for the chance!

  90. Michael

    My favorite memory is meeting great people and sitting in are rooms laughing, talking, studying, and just being young adults. Now as we have all grown up we have all had children, married but yet still all talk. I’m glad I was able to go to college and have this wonderful opportunity.

  91. Morgan

    I am currently enrolled in my first year of college and I am looking forward to learning as much as possible and achieving my goals of obtaining a college degree (finally). I am a stay at home mom, I started my own from home business this year, and am keeping up with my classes. It is definitely a stressful process at time, but oh so worth it!

  92. Thinking I was all grown up and getting out on my own,getting my own place, then looking forward to going home to Mom and Dad there is no place like home.

  93. patti

    Last day of school for good

  94. Ashley Fey

    I really look forward to my first years of college, being a forensic scientist had always been a dream if mine. Bringing closure to the families of the difficult cases will be thoroughly rewarding

  95. Autumn Jojola

    I actually did things a bit backwards and got married and had kids when most were starting college. Now that my kids are older I decided 2 yrs ago that it was finally my time to go to college and do something I’m passionate about. My favorite memory is from a couple weeks ago, when I graduated as Valedictorian Summa Cum Laude, and stood on the stage with most of the students being 15 years younger than me! Best.Feeling.Ever!!

  96. Jennifer Hedden

    I look forward to learning a lot about myself including what I want to major in as I head into my first year of college.

  97. Linda

    would love to go back to school would be awesome and the couch would be the cherry on top of it all…. awesome giveaway ty for the opportunity to win

  98. Jena W

    My favorite memory was graduation because I worked so hard for my degree and it really was a feeling of accomplishment!

  99. My favorite college memory was meeting my now husband!!! The best day of my life!!

  100. mary helmstetler

    My favorite college memory is being in clubs and doing volunteer work to help the community! We also got an award from the Senator of our state for our community efforts!

  101. Tiffany Anne (@CraziMomOf2Boys)

    I am a 26 year old mom of 2! I am starting college this year for the FIRST TIME EVER! I am looking forward to being closer to my birth father!! I’ve only met him once and it was a few years ago. Now, I can see him every day if I want to and we can grow closer!

  102. Meeting all the new people

  103. Jennifer Etheridge

    Attended College at 18. Had some life issues come up & didn’t get to finish. Now that I am settled, I will be attending College at the age of 30 next year. Have to wait till then because that is when my youngest starts school. The excitement of going back to school is overwhelming. I honestly can’t wait to continue my Art Education, plus get my degree in nursing also. Gonna do good for me and my little family. Thanks for the chance to win.

  104. Laura Z.

    My favorite memory of college was graduating!

  105. Stephanie Ford-Smith

    Ha ha I remember being so broke my roommate and I used to share sphagetti-os !! I’m not rich now but I haven’t bought sphagetti-os in a year ! I just graduated in May and got my first house this futon would be great.

  106. Lexann

    My favorite memory from college is staying up late watching MTV while playing cards with friends. We had so many great conversations on those nights!

  107. Meeting new people and getting your first big assignment, wondering if your going to pass it.

  108. Debi McMillen

    My favorite college memory would have to be the friends that I made thru out the years. The classes I took and the pointless information that I dont use today ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks for the giveaway !

  109. Nicole kaminkow

    I have a daughter entering College soon and this would be awesome for her to take !

  110. Debi McMillen

    My favorite college memory would be all the friends I made thru out the years and all the information I learned and dont use today ๐Ÿ˜‰ thanks for the giveaway !

  111. Erina T.

    I’m looking forward to buying a bunch of cute accessories for college. And I also can’t wait to meet some new friends ๐Ÿ™‚

  112. Jessica Naranjo

    My fondest memory is meeting my beloved in the freshman college dormitory. He is my rock and I am so happy and grateful for the way we meet.

  113. My favorite college memory was when I was in my Surgical Technology class. I loved going in there practicing scrubing in & setting up for surgeries <3

  114. Kara K.

    Making friends is the best memory I have from college. The first day jitters. Pulling all nighters. Boy do I miss it!

  115. Robyn J

    I remember going to college, working, having fun, great friends and meeting my future husband ๐Ÿ™‚

  116. Ashley A

    My favorite memory was all of it. Work, school, sports and sleeping when I actually got to sleep. I had a bunk bed with a futon mattress on bottom, I rarely ever pulled it out to turn it into the bed. I always kept it into the couch form!

  117. My favorite college memory was when I made top 10% in the school!

  118. Rainn

    I started college at 15, and I will never forget having to use my learners permit to get a student ID and how much trouble that was.

  119. Patricia J.

    The first year was the greatest! There I was able to make new friends and get into activities and groups that I never knew existed before then.

  120. Jason

    Too dark for dorm


    Hard to pick a memory from college, Hanging out with friends in the cafe & going out together to movies, shoppoing, clubbing etc are the Times I miss most! Such Fun & Carefree days!

  122. Hilary Jeanbaptiste

    My favorite college memory would have to be at the library seriously and my psychology class.. loved my teacher

  123. david

    It’s hard to pick one, but a fond memory I have is having a barbecue with my friends every weekend. We also were involved in a lot more organizations. so many great things and i miss them

  124. marisol ch

    the best memory is the time I spent with my friends and of course studying was a big thing at that time for me because I wanted good grades in oreder to have a bright future!

  125. Sara W

    Not having to wake up everyday at 6am anymore!

  126. Mariselda

    The best thing about my college experience was making new friends and getting along well with my professors. I loved all my subjects except for math. My Criminal Justice classes were the best!

  127. Laura Sypien

    I loved the learning!

  128. Nikki Troger

    As an RA my junior year, my favorite memory was also my scariest. I took a resident of mine to the ER when he had come back to the dorm injured. It was a bonding experience that I’ll never forget.

  129. Sitting in the commons, studying with friends and absorbing all of the sites and sounds and chaos around you… That’s such a great memory for me.

  130. Holly

    I loved the campus, all of the beautiful buildings and the gathering square and having everything I needed a walk away.

  131. lisa marsh

    College was a great learning experience. A wonderful place to meet friends who would last a lifetime.

  132. Amber R.

    My favorite memory from college was all the late nights working at Pizza Hut (had to pay for gas and rent and everything else somehow!!) We always had so much fun closing-cranking up the music and hanging out. Thankfully, most of my earliest classes weren’t until 11am, so I was able to get some rest! lol

  133. Shietha

    When I went to college I was so nervous! Oh I couldn’t believe how nervous I was! Then it turns out it was all for nothing! Made a bunch of great friends, and memories, and I am a upper glad I went!

  134. Sara Paolello

    Skipping classes to go to parties lol

  135. Sarah Montgomery

    Meeting new life long friends and the chance to be on your own is priceless!

  136. Loraine Ellis

    My fave years at UNO was spent with friends from different countries and making new food and sharing experiences. Best time!

  137. Lyndsay

    I took a college course over the summer in ’07 with two amazing, super fun friends and we traveled as a class all over the United Kingdom. We saw so many wonderful, beautiful sights and had so much fun!

  138. Amy Taylor

    I do not have any college memories because I have not made it to college yet. I am hoping that in the next 5 years I will be able to go back and get a degree, here’s to hoping. And by the way, this futon looks amazing!! Would love for my 13 year olds room!

  139. Kat Hesselgrave

    I remember trying to cram as much stuff as humanly possible in the Dorm Room. I had a little “path” that led from the door to the bed. And there was NO air conditioning! HOT!

  140. Gabriela F

    Best thing about college is meeting new poeple and getting to know your tru potential.

  141. Megin Ashley

    Meeting lots of new friends, learning how to study even harder, and coming home with a great accomplishment

  142. Mary Wawrzonkowski

    I am back at school at age 39, after beating a lot of odds to get here, and I look forward to the experiences I am about to embark on. I look forward to obtaining my degree, and doing my part to make the world a better place!!

  143. Meeting new people and becoming new friends.

  144. Meeting new people

  145. Lori Sagehorn

    I remember thinking that I had it all together when I left for school. I was going to conquer the world. Well, then reality set in and by the end of my first week, I was asking my mother to send me my teddy bear because I needed more from home to help me relax. I slept on a hide-away bed that had the most uncomfortable bar across the middle of it. This would an amazing thing for my son. He really could use this over his current bed with the broken box spring.

  146. Darlene

    The beginning of my new adventure and what the future holds

  147. dee

    Hoping to start a career as a psycologist one day to help all the abused/beaten women/children around the world

  148. Brandie

    I ended in College in my mid 30’s, I met so many awesome people. The classses were such a mix of age groups but it never seemed to matter. I was asked to be in a part a phi theta kappa (an honor society) and it was truly a memorable moment for myself and my family. My kids remember that and push themselves harder in school. Both are in high school now and will be starting a college journey soon enough, I hope my dedication and hard work showed them it can be done.

  149. leslie ross

    Being away from home in another state, making new friends.

  150. Sammy

    Just a fun time in our school’s lounge when everyone was having an ice fight pelting everyone with ice from the 2nd floor down…imagine paintball but just with ice. It was fun THEN…wouldn’t be so much now! I am sure the school loved it lol.

  151. Lauren S

    I have so many great memories from college but one of the best was my freshman year all of my friends would gather in my dorm room to watch ER. It was THE show then. Fun times!

  152. Richard Daniels

    One of the best things for me was the friends i made in college and all the fun we had i made some true life long friends plus it was the chance to leave the nest and make it as an adult

  153. Katie

    I am currently about to begin my sophomore year of college! The best memory would have to be from my freshman year, first day of class. The professor of my very first class called on me to answer the question which would start class discussion. Whose stomach wouldn’t be at their knees, right!? It ended up being a truck question, which gave the class a laugh and introduced to me a few new friends! That night a few girls from that class and myself bunched up in one of our dorms eating pizza and watching the show ‘Friends’ after studying! Can’t wait for my second year!

  154. Lori Brown

    I look forward to getting a new couch! Mine is horrible! lol

  155. Cody

    One of many college memories was sitting on a mini-van seat that my roommate took out of his car so that we would have a place to sit down while playing many hours on his XBox. This futon would have been so much nicer….

  156. Jennifer P

    I enjoyed being on my own.

  157. Heather Jenkins

    I loved being on my own and making life long friends

  158. cyndi br

    My favorite memory about college was the independence I had and all the new items I could go shopping for

  159. angela c

    Making a better life for my kids

  160. My best college memory is when I used some of my roommates ketchup and she started screaming at me that I had to replace the entire bottle. She was a treat! Lol

  161. Emily Smith

    Making new friends ๐Ÿ™‚

  162. Sherrie McQueen

    My favorite memory of College was passing my final Math requirement with a 4.0. I hated that class but worked my butt off to get it over with!

  163. Michell Hymer

    I was so excited about going to college, I didn’t sleep the whole week before! Most amazing years of my life ๐Ÿ™‚

  164. Dawn Arnold

    I really miss feeling like I was being challenged..

  165. Heather Reiter

    I loved most of my classed but I also loved the parties. Ok I liked a lot more of the parties then the classes. ๐Ÿ™‚

  166. Taran N Morrell

    My fav memory was finding the 24 hr coffee house 5 minutes from campus. I wouldn’t be where I am today if not for that place! LOL

  167. Joann C

    My favorite college memory is meeting a new friend who ended up becoming one of my best friends through the years.

  168. Sasha Santana

    My favorite memories would be the friends I’ve met and the crazy starter furniture we had. :p

  169. I will be going to college in a few months.I look forward to completing my goals to become a computer tech. This would be great to get and a great help financially for my single grandmother who ha raised me. Thanks

  170. Michelle Ness Arana

    My favorite memory from college was all the friends I made!

  171. Shannon P

    My favorite memory from my first round of college was late nights at friend’s houses, jamming as many people possible into the avaialble couches!

  172. Jessica Bagwell

    My favorite college memory was when I received my Associate’s Degree. I’m still working on my Bachelor’s Degree, so that’s what I’m most looking forward to! ๐Ÿ™‚

  173. Nikkole cooper

    My favorite memory was the moment I moved into my first apartment. I felt so responsible and mature. It was a great change.

  174. Dawn Sigmon

    My daughter will be going to college this year. I didn’t get to go to college, so I don’t have any memories to share, but she’ll be making some of her own. Thanks

  175. crashing at friends houses or them crashing at mine, and never having enough places to sleep, this would have served SO well !!

  176. Cynthia Guy

    My best memory of college was meeting so many different people.

  177. Kelli. Boggio

    Meeting my first roommate freshman year. I was heavy metal. She was penny loafers and pearls. Talk about opposites!

  178. I am really nervous to start my first year of collage. I am not much of a people person, but I want to start my life out with the right steps into collage.

  179. Kristin Pendleton

    Best college memory was meeting my best friend/husband. He was taking conservation law & I helped him with his English writing papers. We had a blast.

  180. Mary LaBelle

    My son is heading back to college and he can’t wait to meet new friends.

  181. Lesley

    We had the greatest bands perform at our school. The shows were great, even if it was general admission, and we were packed like sardines. Those were great times!

  182. Susan S., TN

    Some of the best memories starting college was the excitement of growing up & starting a new part of my life, meeting new people, & thinking what I wanted to do for a living..

  183. Susan Muszynski

    Late night studying. Weekend UNO games.

  184. christina n

    Meeting new people, experiencing new things

  185. Tamara Rowland

    My favorite memory from college was my first tiny studio apartment. I had a futon and got some pvc pipe and made a rod that went around the futon so that when it was bedtime I could pull the curtains closed.

  186. joti

    Best memory was lots of gossiping with school friends!

  187. Miranda J

    Meeting great friends

  188. Nicole Shaw

    My best time at college was studying with friends in our dorm rooms. We didn’t actually get a lot of work done, but the conversations were priceless. Some of my lifelong friends came from those first years of college.

  189. karen brightwell

    My best memory was getting an A on a term paper in my Criminal Justice class! He was a teacher who taught us there are No excuses! Learned a lot!

  190. Danielle

    Making friends from all around.

  191. Ken CG

    My first year of college I had a sleeper sofa that I would pull out when it was time to sleep and it lasted almost all year until one night I felt like I was getting the best rest ever and a loud noise woke me up which sounded like a spring came loose. When I tried to sit up it was only then that I realized the great sofa sleeper turned its back on me and decided in the middle of the night to try and close up on me. It took me quite a while to get out of the tangled mess it left me in. Ever since that incident, I have trouble sleeping anywhere because I am constantly afraid wherever lay my head may just be the last place I lay my head. LOL P.S. I wouldn’t mind someone proving me wrong and restoring my faith by awarding me a new place to rest!

  192. Kimberly Elmore

    I enjoyed meeting new people that I knew would be in my forever! I also enjoyed the new experiences and the memories I made that will last me a lifetime!

  193. Robyn

    The first day, full of excitement and the unknown, a new place to learn and begin a new life.

  194. Shannon johnson

    Homework! Just kidding… just daily hanging with friends and being silly.

  195. Angelina

    Favorite college memory was the first day of school!! There was so much was fun and exciting to see my classes, meet my new professors and see some new faces in a new setting. It was also a really amazing feeling of accomplishment. After 4yrs if high school I was done…and it was on to a new stage in my life…the college yrs ๐Ÿ™‚

  196. My college days seem hazy and unkempt, but I do remember cooking ramen for the first time in the dorm kitchen and feeling like I was independent ๐Ÿ™‚

  197. The first day of college was the most amazing feeling and memory. It was a major milestone. The excitement, the fun of getting to know new ppl. I’d go back and so it all over again. Those were some fun and memorable yrs of my life.

  198. Shontel Bordelon

    The best part then was thinking that I was one step closer to being independent and being able to “do whatever I wanted”.. Not having to ask for permission. Oh if I’d have only realized those were the best years of my life. I wish I would have stayed in school forever. Independent life is a lot tougher than young people realized. If only we could have a redo!! Not that my life is bad but you can always do better. I would have been an honors student with a 5.0 average, Lol

  199. Elissa M

    I remember staying up late to study for finals with my friends, and one morning waking up to find my term paper glues to my face by a combination of drool and Coco-Cola. Very awkward to explain that to my professor.

  200. Patricia Huffman

    I have lots of memories. My favorite thing to do was decorate my dorm room. It was the first room I had outside of my parents house and I could do whatever I wanted to it. I had all kinds of crazy things in that room. The friends I met will be forever imprinted on my heart.

  201. Rebecca

    I loved the independence of college and the fun events offered on campus. I hope to hear my kids talk about their college days in the future.

  202. Gloria Cardona

    I am looking forward to the future to start college so I can give my daughter’s a better life. I am looking forward to completing college so I can show my kids that anyone can do it. Even though I was a teen mom I can still follow my dreams.

  203. Tiffany Becker3

    Meeting new friends!!

  204. Megan Baker

    My favorite thing about my first year of college would be two things. First was meeting my husband there in college algebra! The second thing would be the feeling of wow this is it I feel like an adult now, I wake myself up, cook myself breakfast, do my own work, pay for my gas, drive an hour to school every day, it was freeing to feel grown up!

  205. Cathy F

    Meeting and making new friends that last a life time

  206. Susan Zernicek

    I never went to college, but I grew up on a college campus (Professors granddaughter.) But I sent my daughter to college and now am sending my son. I have loved attending the open house events, getting to see college from a different point of view & then seeing how it helps my child grow as a person

  207. Amber Johnson

    I plan on starting online college within the next year. I am wanting to become a Christian Counselor for women/children who have been abused.

  208. kris m

    Best year was the last one. The excitement that it was finally going to be over. NO MORE SCHOOL!!

  209. shannon lane

    Best times of life

  210. Kristin

    It actually going into an art class my freshman year and walking into the class expecting to learn to draw inanimate objects and in walks a guy who drops a robe and is naked. It shouldn’t have shocked me since I was in a liberal arts college, but the fact that I’ve never seen a guy naked before, but also b/c I walked into the wrong art class…I still remember that day.

  211. Susan Campbell

    Looking forward to running on my colleges cross country team again!!! I could sure use a Big Tree Wood Full-Size Portman Futon in Rich Espresso to rest my weary bones!!!

  212. melissa

    My favorite memory is meeting all kinds of people from all over and making new friends, a few became such great friends, we still keep in contact and visit when we can after 20 years!!

  213. Khandi

    Meeting new people and making lifetime friends and memories.

  214. Erika Finch

    I joined the Air Force at 19 in 2008, and was sent to Europe away from family for the last 4 years. Originally I planned on going to school and finishing my degree during the tour but no way could I give up the traveling! I ended up having once in a lifetime opportunities, finding a loving husband, and gaining a valuable skillset through my mil career. I’m returning to good ole’ Nebraska on 11 September…I am looking forward to being a full time college student to start a whole new adventure in life, and I’m excited to experience college as a civilian in real classrooms with a variety of students! ๐Ÿ™‚

  215. Kevin

    My wife and I are finally leaving the military and we’re excited to pursue our dreams in the civilian world. We recently sold our couch to give us a little money for extra expenditures during our transition from Europe and would greatly benefit from this awesome futon! Neither of us have had the chance to experience true college life and we look forward to the opportunity to fulfill a lifetime goal. This futon would relieve us of the stress of finding somewhere to sleep when we return to Nebraska in September.

  216. Jennifer B

    Favorite college memory is meeting new people and making new friends

  217. Trisha B.

    Becoming more successful and meeting new friends was the best for sure!

  218. Having made strong and life long friendships!

  219. Meredith Jones

    Meeting new people and exploring new ideas

  220. Taylor Daniel

    The best part about my past and present career as a college student is that not only do I get to share my life experiences, knowledge, emotions, laughs, and tears with my group of amazing friends, but also with my son!

  221. Chris V.

    Three things that I am looking forward to in continuing my college career are; continuing to pursue my education and completing my degree in marketing and to eventually fulfill my dream in working in marketing for a professional sports team. Continuing to share the experience of my college years with my wonderful girlfriend as she is working towards her goals as well. Finally, continuing to build friendships with new individuals each year and enjoying this chapter of my life.

  222. stephen radford

    I remember having my 1st class for public speaking and being so scared as the teacher rang a bell every time we said ummm or uhhh thank God iwas not the only one and by the end of the year no more umms

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