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Nebraska Furniture Mart | December 13, 2018

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The World's Most Versatile Camera

gopro travel camera

A few years ago, my mother and I were debating what to get my brother for his birthday.  I stumbled across the GoPro Camera and was intrigued.  Self-titled “The World’s Most Versatile Camera,” the GoPro is a cool blend of DIY outdoor photography and hip technology.  In case any of you are like me (neither hip or a photographer) let me give you a brief overview of the GoPro camera.

It is a small video camera that records live action events (it can also take still shots)in high definition.  GoPros are often mounted like a headlamp on helmets or on bicycle handle bars. They have great sound quality and fantastic resolution. They’re made for every sport imaginable, from surfing to rock climbing and even sky diving. They can be controlled remotely by wi-fi and can be mounted on almost any vehicle, device, or surface imaginable. You can even use a chest mounted harness for a more immersive viewpoint. The GoPro Hero3+ is also waterproof so that you can capture underwater exploration (or the bottom of your backyard swimming pool).

I call my brother and his family “urban outdoors” types. They live in Houston, TX and enjoy exploring local trails, biking in nature preserves, and observing the Great Outdoors. My brother is famous for taking (and sending) pics of birds and flowers. He also passes along countless pictures of my nephew, an active kid about to enter Junior High School. They are not the extreme outdoors types, so there are no hikes into the deep wilderness to trap your own food and build fires from scratch. Although, Mark and I have an odd fascination with Mt Everest, so who knows…

But I digress. I split the GoPro with my Mom and had it delivered to my brother for his birthday. Needless to say, life has not been the same since. I used to get pictures emailed occasionally. Now I feel like I live life in real-time with them despite the 900+ plus miles that separate us. So if you’re stuck looking for a gift, step away from the ordinary gift card purchase and check out all of the exciting GoPro cameras and accessories at Nebraska Furniture Mart.

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