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Nebraska Furniture Mart | January 16, 2019

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Bunk beds: Never say never

bunk beds
Amy Grace
  • On June 3, 2014

momaha bunk bedsEven before Jack turned 2, he expressed his desire for bunk beds. I would always brush off the request with a “Maybe.” or a “We’ll see.” You know, those responses that when your parents said them meant “In your dreams!” almost 100 percent off the time.

Whenever we shopped at Nebraska Furniture Mart or hit up the local baby store, he would stare longingly at the massive pieces of furniture, perfect for holding all of his cousins and friends that he was sure were going to be slumber partying at our home every weekend.

On a recent trip to Mrs. B’s (I needed a new rug to replace one that fell victim to a storm that flooded our basement), we came across more bunk beds. I tried to steer the boys in another direction, but they sought out those beds like a piece of candy in a pound of green beans.

Both of my small children immediately began climbing the ladders to peer into the coveted “top bunk.” My hopes of cute twin beds with headboarding, ball finials and a trundle, reminiscent of the ones you see in the Pottery Barn Kids catalog, were dashed.

And to replace those hopes came the fears that I would actually be climbing a ladder and clumsily tucking in little sections of sheets and quilt next to the wall. And worse yet, that I would be doing the same to the lower bunk, while simultaneously hitting my head on the bed above it.

And I would never be able to satisfy my decorating A.D.D., because surely there is about one place where those bunk beds will actually fit in my sons’ long and narrow room with one wall already dedicated to built-in drawers and a dormer window.

But then a revelation: The bunk beds weren’t about me!

They were about my sons wanting to love their beds and their room. To have a place that was like a ready-made fort. To finally have a place where they could invite their cousins for a sleepover. To sleep on the “top bunk!”

So I snapped a picture of the most petite set of bunks beds I could find (and ones that can be separated into twin beds) with my phone and sent it off to my husband, who was on a business trip. His reply: “Get them!”

Seems he has an affinity for bunk beds, too.

I gave in and ordered the bunk beds I swore I’d never buy.

So by the time you are reading this post, I will probably be clumsily tucking in little sections of sheets and quilt next to the wall, while simultaneously hitting my head on the top bunk.

But my sons will be dying to get into bed every night (at least for a while). Their faces will light up when they inform their cousins that they can now have a sleepover at our house. And eventually, there will be a fight for the top bunk.

And this week has been really fun, as they counted down the days until the big green and white truck was expected to roll up in front of our house to unload their bunk beds.

Watching the anticipation in their eyes has already made it all worthwhile.

Amy Grace is married with three sons. She is a stay at home mom who works part-time. Read her Fridays on


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