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Nebraska Furniture Mart | December 13, 2018

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Find Your Style - Contemporary Furniture

What is contemporary style in the realm of furniture and home decor? The contemporary style is characterized as having fresh, sleek and clean lines with vibrant colors, geometric patterns and shapes as well as high gloss finishes. Less is more with contemporary style. While it doesn’t have the warmth of traditional design styles, it is still inviting and exciting.

You’ll hear the terms “contemporary” and “modern” often used interchangeably to describe a certain style, but “modern” is actually based around a late-19th century to early-20th century design movement that focused on the function of a design rather than the form or style of an item. “Contemporary” is a more fluid term to describe a design style that is current at them moment and not referencing a historically cataloged design style.

You can tell if you gravitate towards contemporary style by the following characteristics:

  • You enjoy abstract art
  • You crave simplicity and order
  • De-cluttering is a daily activity
  • Small rooms, dark curtains and low ceilings make you claustrophobic
  • All the walls in your home are covered in white paint
  • You love the feel of hard surface floors under your feet
  • You can never have enough shiny things
  • Geometry was your favorite class

Does this describe you? If so, visit our Metro Living department to start outfitting your space with contemporary furniture. We have a wide selection for every taste and budget.

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