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Nebraska Furniture Mart | January 20, 2019

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5 Nursery Trends For 2014

5 Nursery Trends For 2014

Nurseries are getting more and more stylish every year. Some might say that babies are sleeping in more luxurious rooms than that of their parents! Just as trends come and go for your living room, bedroom, bathroom or patio, trends also change in the baby decor world. From statement walls to statement cribs, nursery trends are making a big statement this year. Here are the top five trends to keep your eye on for nursery decor this year.


crib sets

In today’s world of Etsy and Pinterest, parents want to be able to customize the look of their nursery.  Many baby bedding manufactures are catching onto the trend and creating separates programs.  It can make your room unique without being overwhelming to put together.  You can choose from a variety of quilts, dust ruffles, crib sheets etc. in the same color story that will all match.


Different Furniture Finishes

DaVinci Crib Available June 2014

It’s not just about White and Espresso anymore.  While those colors will always be classics, we are seeing everything from grey, black and even some fun pops of color like aqua and yellow.

Vintage Glam
vintage glam

The Arcadia Crib In Dove White Available May 2014

Lux finishes and fabrics give you a modern yet traditional twist on your nursery.


nursery wallpaper

What a great way to make a statement in your baby’s room and it might just be easier than painting chevron stripes on the wall. Do the entire room or just a focal wall depending on the pattern.

Rustic Theme
rustic nursery

Photo by Katie Bower

Bring in the outdoors. This modern but rustic theme is perfect for your little man.  To incorporate the rustic theme into your nursery, use the statement wood pallet walls or barn doors and then accent them with accessories like animal heads, metal signs or even a tree branch mobile.

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