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Nebraska Furniture Mart | January 19, 2019

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Singles Awareness Day

Singles Awareness Day is always on February 15th and is a day for those who are unattached, and without a significant other. It is celebrated the day after Valentine’s Day.

Acronym: SAD

Recipe of the Day: Heart Shaped Jello

Flower of the day: Cupid’s Dart Flower

Common Activites on Singles Awareness Day:

  • Singles get together and celebrate their single status
  • Singles give each other gifts or provide a gift for themselves
  • Singles send themselves flowers
  • Singles often wear green (considered opposite of red) or black to symbolize the absence of celebration

The main point of Singles Awareness Day is not to be bitter. Being single can be fun! Why not point this out to people who you feel are too wrapped up in being in a relationship? Other singles, in particular, might benefit from having the opportunities to engage in activities you can’t do if you’re in a relationship with someone. Romantic love isn’t the only kind of love that exists in the world and you can celebrate other types of love.


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