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Nebraska Furniture Mart | January 15, 2019

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Easy, Simple Valentine DIY

valentine DIY
Angelo Surmelis

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getting started

  1. Select the flowers you want to work with–I find the ones that drape a bit work better than the kind that will stick straight up.
  2. Use two clear vases, with one being slightly slimmer in diameter over the other. If they are not the same height, you can use Styrofoam craft circles (found at most craft/art stores) to elevate the shorter vase.
  3. Choose your favorite candy. A harder candy works best. I don’t recommend chocolates or caramels. Just sayin’…

valentine diy

Insert smaller vase into larger. Use Styrofoam to elevate smaller vase if needed.

sweetheart vase diy

Fill the gap between the two vases with candy. Once you’re done adding your candy, use a pitcher to fill the center vase with water–then add your flowers.

valentine rockstar

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