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Nebraska Furniture Mart | December 16, 2018

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Running A Marathon Like A Pro

Running a marathon is quite unlike any other feeling in the world. While it’s a huge accomplishment, it takes some training and planning to get you to the finish line. Check out some of the tips below to help you have a great race.

  • Pick a training schedule that fits your needs. Is this your first marathon and your goal is to just cross the finish line? Are you a seasoned marathon runner and you’re looking to get a personal record time? Do some research and find a plan that best fits your needs and schedule. A good rule of thumb is to aim for at least 3 days of running 5-8 miles, and one day a week having a run that gets progressively longer as the weeks go by. A tried and true marathon training program that many follow is available from Hal Higdon.
  • Taper your runs at least one month before your race. Running 26 miles is a long distance and you want to make sure that your last long run (18-20 miles) is at least 4 weeks out from your race. The next 30 days will allow your legs to rest and be fresh for the big day.
  • Use a long training run or a local race as a dress rehearsal. Eat the same breakfast you want to eat the day of the race, where your same outfit that you’ll sport race day too. Take your new water bottle for a spin too. Try all of these things out so you can work out any bugs or change anything you see necessary for race day.
Before the Race
  • Don’t try anything new on race day. No new foods or drinks and no new shoes or outfits. Stick to what you know works best for you.
  • The night before a race, lay out your clothes and any other accessories you might need. You don’t want to wake up early the next day and realize you forgot something. Think of everything you’ll need from head to toe: clothes, socks, mp3 player, earbuds, and have it all out and ready to go.
During the Race
  • Start out slow. Don’t get caught up in all the race excitement that you tire yourself out early. Save some energy for later.
  • You don’t always have to grab the first cup of water. Go towards the tables near the end since most people won’t stop there.
After the Race
  • Don’t stop once you cross the finish line. Since your legs are still in race mode, keep walking for awhile to slow down your heart rate and to get your legs back to normal after that runner’s high.
  • So important…don’t forget to stretch! It’s the best thing you can do for your body after running. Your body will thank you the next day. A great way to help your sore muscles is to foam roll. This stretching technique helps your muscles relax and aids in a faster

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