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Nebraska Furniture Mart | January 19, 2019

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Throwing a Quick and Easy New Year's Eve party

new year's eve party

The clock is ticking! The countdown to the New Year is on. Ring in the New Year with your closest friends. Still trying to come up with a great New Year’s Eve party plan? Don’t stress over the details, partying planning is fun and can be quick and easy too. As the host of the New Year’s Eve party, here’s what we recommend you do. Follow these steps below and your party planning process will be a breeze!

1. Plan games

  • Ask your guests to bring an unusual noisemaker.
  • “Hire” a photographer or recruit a friend to be the designated picture taker.
  • Ask guests to write predictions for the New Year.

2. Decorations & atmosphere

  • Hang handmade paper snowflakes from the ceiling.
  • Hang lengths of curled ribbon for an iconic New Year’s Eve look.
  • Use metallic and glittered Christmas ornaments.
  • Set out all the candles you own.

3. Go shopping for food and drinks

  • You can find tons of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage recipes online.
  • Make sure to keep all beverages cold.
  • Make sure to have some extra snack food on hand in case your guests forget to bring their contribution, or the party goes later than expected.

4. Prepare the food

  • Have each guest bring their own specialty appetizer.
  • Serve champagne or sangria for midnight toasting.
  • Have a midnight supper or snack buffet. Use serving bowls and plates to make for an easy and beautiful buffet style.

5. Play music

  • Celebrate the New Year with the top hits of the year and throw in some classic traditional music as well. Get the group together for a couple rounds of karaoke to liven up the party!

6. Be safe

  • House party: have cab companies phone number ready and available.
  • Out on the town: cabs will be swamped, so make sure you have a designated driver handy.

Source: Real Simple, Money Crashers

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