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Nebraska Furniture Mart | December 10, 2018

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8 Tips For Getting Into The Christmas Spirit, As Told By Classic Christmas Movies

christmas spirit

Christmastime can be exhausting, especially if you’re not exactly bursting with the Christmas spirit. If that’s your problem, we’re here to help. Kick back and let some of the wisest, most memorable characters in Christmas movie history teach a thing or two about what Christmas is all about.

1. Have High Hopes

It doesn’t hurt to be specific about them either.


2. Regarding Santa, it’s better to just play along

No pointing out fraudulent Santa’s unless you work for the real one. In which case, don’t hold back.


3. Remember that Christmas is actually pretty amazing (especially compared to Halloween)

Few of us remember our very first Christmas, but watch the Pumpkin King experience his.



Forget the electric bill, the more lights the better.


5. “You need involvement”

There’s nothing like an 8-year-old psychiatrist’s five-cent advice to cut your cold, lazy heart right to the core. If Christmas makes you depressed, Charlie Brown, the solution is simple.


6. It’s not the time for avarice and greed

Take it from Marley and Marley, those shackles don’t come off easily.


7. No one should be alone on Christmas, not even a Grinch

Once the Grinch has finally seen the light, Cindy Loo Hoo drops some Christmas kindness we should all remember. And it’s just what Grinch needs to save Christmas.


8. Say Merry Christmas Like You Mean It

George Bailey was introduced to the Christmas spirit the hard way, but when he got it, he wanted everyone to know it. Merry Christmas, you wonderful… Building and Loan!

Photo Credit: ohhector via Compfight cc


They bring back some fond memories, don’t they? Which one is your favorite? Any we missed?

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