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Nebraska Furniture Mart | December 10, 2018

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Top 10 Halloween Costumes For Kids

kids halloween costumes

The National Retail Federation recently revealed the top-selling Halloween costumes for kids. Here, we countdown 15 most popular, just in time to outfit your little trick-or-treater. Most of the costumes are easy to find or even make at home.

15. Lady Bug – Parents agree that the lady bug is a quick and easy (and adorable!) way to dress up a toddler. It can also be easily layered to keep your youngster warm!

14. Buzz Lightyear – Anything from Toy Story 3 (or any of the Toy Story movies) is a hot Halloween hit! Your child will get treats to infinity and beyond with this costume.

13. Ninja Warrior – Let him be a kung-fu fighting trick-or-treater this year. This is easy and quick to put together. It could also be put together from items that you may already have at home.

12. Tinker Bell (TIE) – Why would you not want to dress as one of the most important icons at Disney? The Tinker Bell costume is a cute and easy choice.

12. Animated Characters (TIE)– Any animated character…Think Smurfs, Sponge Bob SquarePants, etc.

11. Fairy – Who doesn’t love wings on their costume? And Pink!

10. Star Wars Characters – All of the characters from the classic (and new) Star Wars movies remain one of the “go to” costumes of choice. You can’t go wrong with being the beloved Darth Vader.

9. Batman – Batman has been a favorite for many years and continues to be.

8. Vampire (TIE) – As in the Count, not Edward Cullen.

8. Pumpkin (TIE) – Perfect for a baby’s First Halloween.

7. Ghost – Possibly the quickest and easiest costume to make.

6. Superhero – ANY Superhero! Some come with six pack abs and bulging biceps built in!

5. Disney Princess – Pick any of them!

4. Pirate – Became even more popular following the Pirates of the Caribbean movies

3. Witch – It’s a classic and its always popular.

2. Spider-Man – Spin webs and get candy all in one evening.

1. Princess – This costume is usually always one of the top favorites and can be found almost anywhere. Your little royal will enjoy getting goodies as a princess.


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