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Nebraska Furniture Mart | January 19, 2019

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DecorateYour FanCave

fan cave

Football season is just around the corner. Just because you can’t make the big game in person doesn’t mean you can’t have the best seat in your own house! What better way to show team loyalty than with a room dedicated to your favorite team.  Follow these easy decorating tips and create your own ultimate fan cave.

  1. Color –  Teams are easily identified by team colors. Don’t be afraid to show your spirit by painting your walls in team colors. If you’re not ready to take the plunge in paint, add in home decor accents or textiles showing your team pride.
  2. Decor – Don’t throw out old jerseys! Retire them by framing them on your wall. You can also take old cards, programs, tickets or other pictures and decoupage the tops of dated side tables. Bring out little items such as bobble heads or other trinkets and create fun center pieces or display cases. Remember to be creative and mix in memorabilia items you already have!
  3. Entertaining – When having guests over to cheer on your team, make sure you have plenty of comfy seating. You can throw in large toss pillows that are easy to bring out and allow guests to sit on the floor. Also, small storage ottomans make a great seat or side table to hold all of the game day goodies. Easy mobile seating ensures everyone can grab a great seat to watch the game.

Check out the NFM Fan Zone for all your sports themed gear to decorate your fancave. Remember to have fun with your styling and don’t be afraid to be creative!


  1. debbie sack

    Great deal! I am excited!

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