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Nebraska Furniture Mart | October 17, 2018

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Five Things You Don't Know About...Flooring

carpet facts
  1. If you rolled out all of the carpeting sold by NFM in 2012, it would stretch over 166 miles. It would go from the Omaha Nebraska Furniture Mart all the way to the Kansas City Nebraska Furniture Mart.
  2. During the past 3 years, Nebraska Furniture Mart has sold over 150,000 rugs. The most expensive was $119,000.
  3. Our flooring buyers travel all over the world to seek out the best deals and to find new styles. Egypt, Nepal and India are some of the most intriguing places they have traveled to.
  4. Nebraska Furniture Mart has over 70 different wood varieties of flooring and 20 semi truck loads in stock – that is over 11 acres of wood flooring in stock ready to buy.
  5. Last year, over 16,000 homes and businesses were measured for installation and millions of square feet of flooring are installed every year.

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