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Nebraska Furniture Mart | December 16, 2018

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How Low Should You Go with Barbecue?

Texas-style brisket, North Carolina pulled pork, KC ribs. When it comes to the ultimate in tenderness and flavor for these lesser, tougher cuts, it’s all about how low and slow you can go.

If family and friends are coming for barbecue tonight, your best bet is to opt for burgers on the grill, or grab a couple tenderloins.  They’re perfect for high-heat direct grilling.  But with the briskets, ribs and the like, give yourself some time. Lots of time.

Best executed with dry rubs applied first and smoke during for flavor, these tougher-cut favorites need indirect heat to tenderize. The low indirect heat can be attained on gas or charcoal and in specially-designed kettle and egg-shaped cookers where you can dial down the oxygen for lower heat. After you’ve established the smoke flavor, some even suggest you foil wrap the meat and continue cooking to steam the juices.

NFM’s Outdoor Superstore has numerous options for your low-and-slow cooking masterpieces. Most of them also are multi-taskers, equally at home with a direct high-heat burger or your world class, slow-cooked pulled pork.

Photo Credit: ctaloi via Compfight cc

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