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Nebraska Furniture Mart | May 30, 2015

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Replacing Your Old Appliances Without Any Headaches

May 24, 2015 |

Appliances are one of the few household items that you’ll keep around for 5-15 years. But, when it’s time to replace older appliances, some of the newer models might not match up with the space you have. Newer appliances are … Read More

6 Appliances Worth Getting Excited About

May 22, 2015 |

We’ve had our fridge for almost six years now and while it’s served us faithfully, it’s about time to replace it. Luckily for us, Nebraska Furniture Mart just officially opened their doors in Dallas this week! Not only do they … Read More

How to Choose What’s Best for Your Home Theater Room

May 20, 2015 |

We are in the middle of doing our Theater Room and I have searched everywhere for some kind of guidance on what to look out for and it has been hard to find reliable sources! So I thought I would … Read More

NFM of Texas G.O. Guest Post: Mama Challenge

May 19, 2015 |

Smart Home: Four Must-Haves to Automate Your Home

Don’t you wish everything ran on a remote?

Well…actually nowadays most everything does and I love it. Home automation is no longer something we wish for and somehow can’t believe we ever did … Read More

NFM of Texas G.O. Guest Post: 7 on a Shoestring

May 17, 2015 |

Here in Texas, we enjoy the outdoors. Yes, even during the dog days of summer, there is still plenty to engage us under the Texas sun. BBQ, swimming, fishing, and simply relaxing are just a few outdoor pastimes to keep … Read More

NFM of Texas G.O. Guest Post: My DFW Mommy

May 16, 2015 |

Nebraska Furniture Mart is officially OPEN for business! The ribbon cutting was held on May 7th! And if you sign up for their emails, Nebraska Furniture Mart will give you $10 off a purchase of $249 or more!

Of course, Nebraska … Read More

The Game Changer: June Lineup

May 15, 2015 |

Welcome to the Game Changer for June 2015. Over the past few months, gamers have dealt with the disappointment of game release delays and cancellations. I was totally disheartened by the delay of the newest game in one of my … Read More

Exploring the Frigidaire Professional Collection

May 14, 2015 |

The winter coats and boots are put away and the slow-cooker’s hearty winter food days are so over! It’s spring and we have visions of hosting weekend brunches, graduation parties and summer get-togethers with family and friends.  Armed with a … Read More

Turn Your Backyard Into a Playground

May 13, 2015 |

It’s getting warm outside! What does that mean? More outdoor time! There are many FUN things that kids and parents can enjoy outdoors.

One thing kids love to do that they’re not able to do indoors is jumping on a … Read More

Tips & Tricks to Help Your Clothes Survive Spring Stain-Free

May 12, 2015 |

Spring might be the dirtiest time of year. There’s work to be done outdoors like cleaning out garden beds and potting plants. You may even have some leftover indoor projects like painting. What do all of these things have in … Read More

Cherry Picking the Registry: The New Wedding Gift Essentials

May 11, 2015 |

When the tulips start to bloom and graduation announcements roll in, you know that Wedding Season is right around the corner. June seems to favor brides (and grooms, technically, since it take two to tango!). With weddings come invitations and … Read More

3 Nifty Products We Can’t Wait to Talk About

May 9, 2015 |

With so many cool things to find in every department at NFM, it’s hard to take in everything in just one visit. So, we thought it’d be a fun idea to share a couple of staff picks and recommendations featuring … Read More

How to Find the Grill of Your Dreams

May 8, 2015 |

Baseball might be America’s favorite pastime, but we suspect grilling is a close second. Choosing the right grill for your needs will help ensure your cookout is easy, fun and delicious! Here is the scoop on the different types of … Read More

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

May 5, 2015 |

“All That I am or Hope to Be I Owe to My Mother.” This quote is definitely true of my mom and everything she has done for me in my past, present, and our future. As a child without brothers … Read More

The Complete Guide to Streaming Media Players

May 3, 2015 |

Streaming Media Players allow you to stream thousands of TV shows, movies, sports, music, and more from the comfort of your living room. The devices don’t take up much shelf space; some are as small as a USB stick, while … Read More