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Nebraska Furniture Mart | December 8, 2016

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Playstation 4 VR Review: The Next Level of Gaming Is Here

November 6, 2016 |

Hello Game fans and welcome to a special edition of the GameChanger.  Last week a huge innovation in gaming was released, when Sony delivered the much anticipated Playstation VR.  My impressions prior to launch, were that this would be a … Read More

Movies with Julio: 5 New Indie Movies Worth a Watch

November 3, 2016 |

I wake up early on a Sunday morning, throw the pork shoulder in the smoker, mow the lawn, and get all the other chores done so that during the afternoon I can sit around and watch an endless amount of … Read More

Brewing a Perfect Storm: What Makes a Great Cup of Coffee

October 28, 2016 |

In September, we celebrated National Coffee Day by taking a look at the history of coffee.  If that was an ode, then this is my medium-roast-fueled soliloquy.  It is coffee week and to celebrate this occasion we’re going to delve … Read More

How to Pick the Perfect Sofa for Your Living Room

October 19, 2016 |

My husband and I bought a new home last year to make room for our growing family. As our kids grew bigger (and more of their hungry friends started coming over) our old house seemed to shrink, so we were … Read More

A Closer Look at the Samsung Flex Duo Slide-In Range

October 15, 2016 |

The Samsung Flex Duo™ Range with Dual Door gives you the ultimate cooking flexibility, with two independent temperature controls and convection systems, and a removable Smart Divider, so you can cook multiple dishes simultaneously with little to no mixing of … Read More

How to Make the Blender Girl’s Orange & Poppy Seed Muffin Smoothie

October 12, 2016 |


Hi, I’m Tess Masters,

I’m an actor, presenter, cook, and author of The Blender Girl, The Blender Girl Smoothies app and book, and The Perfect Blend. I share my passion for healthy living at

We’re all busy. Time … Read More

How to Decorate with Plaid Accents for Fall

October 11, 2016 |

If you’re looking for a patterned item to add to your home, consider plaid.

At this very moment, I am using a plaid throw, and I am a lifelong fan of plaid patterns. Plaid reminds me of raincoat linings, lumberjacks, … Read More

Movies with Julio: Scary Flicks for Halloween

October 9, 2016 |

Since the last time I was here a lot has happened, Fall is here in full effect just look at my driveway, New Girl is back on TV, (I love Zoey) and I was given my own blog segment! Someone … Read More

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